FSCI November Meetup 2019

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This November was an important month for Free Software. Many events happened that could be marked as important points in history of Free Software in India. On November 2nd, ICFOSS did an all community meetup at Thiruvananthapuram, their feedback was supporting communities. Also there was a recent exodus to mastodon, more people are observing the necessity of freesoftware in public domain. Janayugom newspaper migrated to GNU Linux stack, which is a notable as freesoftware could be used in a production for DTP sector. So this a peek time to have an FSCI meetup.


  • libg women workshop planning

  • Poddery funding and health check of all services we manage

  • Events.fsci.org.in Migration

  • OSM Mapathon as in connection with Kerala Government

  • Communication and collaboration with other communities/organization

  • Discussions on federated social medias

  • Discussions on ICFOSS decisions

  • Discussions on other community programs

  • Codema hand over to saakhi

  • Privacy yathra

  • Telegram bridge upgrade

  • Community software development

  • Debconf India

Location suggestions are requested, Thrissur, Angamaly, Ernakulam are available options. 23rd or 24th November are the preferable dates.

Everyone please comment on what else to be added to the agenda


Bady Tue 12 Nov 2019

better start a poll to fix date and location


Athul Tue 12 Nov 2019

I prefer 24th.


Kannan V M Tue 12 Nov 2019

I prefer 23 or 24 at Thrissur


Pirate Praveen Tue 12 Nov 2019

I was thinking about a Pirates meetup on one of the days so we should decide on the date soon. 24th at Thrissur is good for me. I'd prefer both meetups at the same place.


Pirate Praveen started a check Tue 12 Nov 2019

Are you available for meetup on 24th at Thrissur? Closed Fri 15 Nov 2019

by Kannan V M Fri 22 Nov 2019

We are meeting at Mundoor, Thrissur on 24th.

Location: https://osm.org/go/yn0Ie5XD?layers=N&node=6738862709

Contact: 8129805432

Lets see how many people are available on 24th

11 - Yes
7 - No

Wed 13 Nov 2019

I am abroad


Balasankar C
Thu 14 Nov 2019

I am fine with Ernakulam/Angamaly/Thrissur.


V. Sasi Kumar
Fri 15 Nov 2019

I am in Thrissur the next few days. I just cannot travel again, sorry.


Abhijith PA Tue 12 Nov 2019

I prefer 23 Saturday. Angamaly and Ernakulam is great for me. Trissur is ok.


muhammad farhan Kt Tue 12 Nov 2019

Everyone can reachThrissur easily :thumbsup:


suman Tue 12 Nov 2019

I prefer 23 Saturday, am fine with thrissur/ernakulam


Syam G Krishnan Fri 15 Nov 2019

It seems like 11 people are coming, we can do this at a space near Mundur (https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=17/10.5864/76.15479)
we can also do some OSM Tracking and correct the roads in that area too.


[deactivated account] Fri 15 Nov 2019

I'll reach only on 30th. :(


Manu Krishnan T V Sat 16 Nov 2019

Changed my plans and I'll be there on 24th.


Tanzeem Mohammad Basheer Sun 17 Nov 2019

I want to come there but not sure whether I could make it.


Abhijith PA Tue 19 Nov 2019

Now that, it is decided on 24th. I can't make it.


Manoj Karingamadathil Sun 24 Nov 2019

Group Photo [Syam and Hari Missing]


Tanzeem MB Mon 25 Nov 2019

Miss you all