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Laurent Bassaler Public Seen by 197

Bonjour je suis très heureux d'aider au développement de ce groupe de traduction de Loomio en Français toutes les personnes de bonne volonté sont les bienvenus!
Commençons voulez vous?
Bien à vous

Hi! I am really happy to help to develop this Loomio translation group in French, every body with a good willing is very welcome here!

Ok how do we start?
All the best!


Alanna Irving Tue 9 Apr 2013

Hi Laurent! So glad you are enthusiastic about this. We'd love to see Loomio in French! Please head over to the translation group and let's continue the discussion there (might be good to start a thread there). Right now, we are using Spanish as a learning experience to develop a good process to use for other languages.


Richard D. Bartlett Wed 10 Apr 2013

Hey @alannakrause as of 2 minutes ago it is now possible to move discussions between subgroups. Wanna take it for a spin?


Alanna Irving Wed 10 Apr 2013



Alanna Irving Wed 10 Apr 2013

OMG that felt incredible! :D


Francisco George PP-ES Wed 10 Apr 2013

Compte sur moi Laurent


Laurent Bassaler Thu 11 Apr 2013

Merci Francisco!


Laurent Bassaler Thu 11 Apr 2013

Technically how do I Start? Where are the core files I should translate please?


Richard D. Bartlett Thu 11 Apr 2013

Laurent the process needs to be invented!

We've just started using Transifex - if you create an account and let me know your username I can add you to the Loomio translation project and we can work it out together :)


Stephanie Noirpoudre Wed 6 Nov 2013

Hello! Thanks Laurent Bassaler for the french translation it's awesome!

I just used Loomio in french language and saw 2 mistakes in the translation:

"Last edited xx days ago by" has been translated as : "Dernière modification le xx jours" but the correct sentence is : "Dernière modification il y a xx jours "

and " xxx xxx changed the discussion description " has been translated as "xxx xxx changer la description de la discussion" but the correct sentence is "xxx xxx a changé la description de la discussion"


Alanna Irving Thu 7 Nov 2013

@johnirving might be able to help?


mix irving Thu 7 Nov 2013

Hi @stephanienoirpoudr, thanks for the feedback! Can I interest you in editing those translations in Transifex (which we use to manage translations)?

here's an outline of how we tend to do translation

but if you'd like to jump straight in the deep end, check this out: https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/loomio-1/

I've also sent an invite to your enspiral email :)