Mon 29 Jul 2013 12:22PM

Using own template (design)

DU [deactivated account] Public Seen by 90

Whats missing in Diaspora is using own template to compile.
Template i mean own design (images, stylesheets, pages).
And rails will compile this template of course.
I start searching for solution and this is possible.
But I'm not big friend with ROR, then is it hard to create functional model to contribute.
Me questions are:
Do you think using own template is good idea?
Is there anyone who can help me?

Thank you


Flaburgan Mon 29 Jul 2013 12:56PM

Here is the current discussion about restructuring the UI code

As you can see, there is work to do ;)


Jonne Haß Mon 29 Jul 2013 9:26PM

In the long term I'd be okay with user color overrides, but not completely custom templates. First of all our rendering process is very diverse currently, it includes different templating languages, even partly rendered on the server side and partly rendered through the client side. Then loading templates from a database is very slow.

In my experience with custom template systems, that yields to a lot of outdated and broken templates, they rarely keep up with the development. I actually think it's so bad that it actually would make the user experience worse.

Instead lets focus on making Diasporas design awesome. Think about the parts that feel clunky right now, propose how it should be. Don't be afraid to suggest fundamental changes.


[deactivated account] Tue 30 Jul 2013 9:50AM

Thank you for answering, i think changing colors would be perfect idea.
In case forgot the templates changing can be there changing images and define background image.
Many pod admins don't need changing template but base design.
The perfect point will be custom color schemes for diaspora. Define global background image and custom images. That's all. Then i think the code would be consistent and the user can have wunderfull experience.
Do you agree with me?