Mon 17 Jun 2019

6/17/19, 6-8pm: #RE2020’s 1st PopUp event at Staples to address CoLiving, CoBuying & ADU’s

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#RE2020: @Bankrate story, another @TheAtlantic trending on @LinkedIn underline lack of affordable housing & downsizing options that pit Millennials vs Boomers.

Can shared housing options: CoLiving, CoBuying & ADU’s provide win-win options? Tonite, 6-8p. Watch for more details on event venue, Staples new CoWorking space in Brighton. Thanks to @arnehessenbruch for invitation to host this informal roundtable, hopefully the first of many!


Want to continue the conversation we began Saturday at this event tonight?



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Joe Beckmann Mon 17 Jun 2019


First, I already have three overlapping meetings tonight, on Union Square, on Capen Court, and on PiLot Payment extortion tactics for Tufts. It takes more advanced notice to even get on the list. I'll be at the PiLot meeting since that one opens new options. Second, my condo conversion has been successful, including the sale of my current unit and my plan to shift downstairs. Yet it will also involve a Home Equity loan to finish the front porch, and then a new reverse for my new ownership of the downstairs unit, which will also involve FHA approval which usually takes 6 weeks. Third, there is a deadline at the Tufts in late July for a substantial cross-age collaborative, and a smaller one in September to document how this housing transformation was engineered, and how to streamline it in future cycles. Finally, the underlying housing "crisis" in Somerville is easily explained by the dramatic increase in the number of undergraduates at Tufts, which has increased, depending on who you trust, between 800 and 4,000 in the past decade, with no new student housing. That is an "inspiration" for a substantial program through the Tufts Health Plan Foundation ( https://www.tuftshealthplanfoundation.org/grant-seekers.php?page=grant-seekers/resources ) and makes these deadlines more interesting. So there is "stuff to do," and many ways to document what gets done, and what it's impact can/might be.

Glad I'm on your list, and I'll share as things progress.


Bill Wendel Mon 17 Jun 2019

Thanks Joe, you're a tireless wealth of info. Yes, will try to give more advance notice in the future. We decided to do something before Sa'ad of http://TinyTo.ca leaves town tomorrow and Arne gave us a venue at Staples new Spotlight classroom! Should I cross-post this on the Somerville Housing Google group, or do you want to do the same?


Hope this is the first in an ongoing series on emerging models of transitioning, sharing, subdividing, etc. Hope you and others suggest models, facilitate conversations if not field visits in the future.

Here's one I'm eager to learn more about: IKEA is working on a model to help Millennials build home equity to reduce they can purchase a home. Think, Rent to Buy meets CoLiving .. or so I heard last week at an event hosted by NewCity. Their next is in Montreal midweek.



Lindy Chapman Mon 17 Jun 2019

Bill, Do you mind if I share this on Linkedin?


Bill Wendel Mon 17 Jun 2019

Please do! As per your request, just sent three background links from RECafe's blog:

Here are two stories today that made us race ahead with a PopUp event. This will be the first in a series, and will give more advance notice:
http://bit.ly/2Downsize (just realized this was 1st published in Sept 2018)


Travis Mon 17 Jun 2019

Very cool concept on Staples’ part. Hope all is well back East!

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Bill Wendel Mon 17 Jun 2019

Travis, @arnehessenbruch @saadfounder & I are all big fans of your work, too. Eager to see where Divine Synergy will bring us together again in Meet space. Maybe the next one will be at a Staples Studio / ProServices site. There' starting with three BETA sites in Boston, plus something inToronto.