Side-discussion: climate long-term by citizens

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I know there are more urgent matters, but e.g. Hugo Camps pretended in de Morgen that citizens can not take long-term daring decisions for the climate (the kind of people that would prefer dictatorship, while we are almost in one, one of undecisiveness, but still)

And there can be deliberative processes to do this, but how to help this technologically?

Timeline challenge:

2020: electric cars get more mainstream as company car
2022: the power grid / charging stations will be slightly overdemanded because of electic cars
2024: cars drive mostly on their own, but still need oversight
2025: nuclear power plants should close
2030: self driving cars
2035: nuclear fusion reactor


  • Belgium has 2 bus makers. We ask them to create a comfortable electric mini-bus for 10 persons which brings people to work and back, but also on-demand with an app with different criteria: book in advance / on the spot /,... If a passenger wants, he can get some privacy in the mini-bus. If they want to sit together they can too. It is like the self-driving shared car except that we will still need a driver in the beginning. These buses could also have a priority lane. This will avoid traffic jams as you can have 5+ times more people on the road. This system (driver + car) can be subsidized by abolishing the company car system.

  • Abolishment of passenger railway. This way, we can cover most rail tracks with concrete and make bicycle roads of them. (can be electric bikes too, existing stations can have showers, bike storage/repair/recharge)

  • Power grid investments:
    • Li/non-Li batteries, compressed air storage
    • gas plants (just for when there is no wind, no solar, no external, no battery anymore)
    • solar panels on every roof
    • continued wind energy, …
    • use existing nuclear power plants (hopefully not, but if necessary a bit post 2025)


Josse Sat 2 Feb 2019

Maybe the citizen should have the possibilty to ask to the state to calculate his proposal. Did not the Netherlands have something like it?


Josse Sat 2 Feb 2019

Or we can crowd-calculate...