Is the Broadcasting Allocations Unfair?

Kim Robinson Public Seen by 91

Prior to each General Election, the Electoral Commission calls for applications for the distribution of funding to all registered parties.

The funding is allocated based on how many MPs each party has in Parliament.

This does not give new parties who do not have any MPs in Parliament or parties with a lesser number of MPs a chance to have a fair election campaign.

NZ prides itself as a country that promotes 'fair and free' Elections.

This funding method needs to be changed to ensure each registered party has a fair opportunity to present their party objectives & policies through the distribution of equal amounts of time and funds regardless of whether they have MPs in Parliament or none.

2014 Broadcasting Allocations:



Kim Robinson started a proposal Mon 23 Jun 2014

Change the Broadcasting Allocation distribution system Closed Tue 1 Jul 2014

by Kim Robinson Tue 25 Apr 2017

A majority agreed to the method of allocation funds to be fairly distributed equally.

I believe this policy needs further discussion as it's difficult to achieve when major parties can vote against this to protect their assets.

Do you agree or disagree the current method of Broadcasting Allocation of time and funds should be fairly distributed equally to all registered parties regardless of whether they have MPs in Parliament or none in Parliament?

Agree - 10
Abstain - 1
Disagree - 1
Block - 0
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Kim Robinson
Mon 23 Jun 2014

I agree that all registered parties should have a fair and equal allocation of broadcasting funds and time.


Mon 23 Jun 2014

I don't know enough about this and my understanding of allocation does not match what you describe.


Emile Grey
Tue 24 Jun 2014

I agree that the current allocation of Funding and Broadcasting Allocation be changed.


Jo Booth
Sat 28 Jun 2014

Equal basic footing


[deactivated account]
Sun 29 Jun 2014

I think the funding as it stands is fine and adequate.
The Civilian party is to get $33000, considering it is a satire party. At the end of the day this is tax payers money.


Kim Robinson Mon 23 Jun 2014

National gets the total of 31 mins for their opening and closing speeches on tv. InternetMana only gets the total of 4 mins.


Kim Robinson Tue 24 Jun 2014

This year 17 registered parties received funding for their Opening/Closing speeches.

If the time was equally allocated to each of the 17, they'll get 3.5mins each way or 7 mins in total for both Opening/Closing Speeches.

$193,132 will be distributed to each of the 17 registered parties.


[deactivated account] Sun 29 Jun 2014

Also who watches TV these days? We now have social networks to communicate with the masses and youth.


Firas Hermez Sun 29 Jun 2014

Agree in spirit but if you choose to divide the pie this way then you will end up with the case where the slice per pie is smaller and smaller as the number of parties grow.

The side effect of that becomes the party with the most funds will be able to pay for more spotlight time while those with little funds will not be able to afford the same amount of time so we end up right where we started.

This is of course is all based on my understanding of this issue so if my understanding is not correct then I apologize in advance.


Wade Vuglar Sun 29 Jun 2014

There are a number of small parties that just do not have:
1: The money.
2: A Public Figure that the media are interested in.

This restricts their ability to promote their party and their policies and is inherently unfair.


IP Jo Booth Sat 27 Jun 2020

Of interest this year Internet Party was allocated some $41,000. If we were a registered party come August we could use this for broadcasts and internet advertising. Anyone keen?