Thu 23 Apr 2020

Feature Request/Comment - Timeline Milestones

ST Sam Toland Public Seen by 118

Hi All, back actively on Loomio with a new group and we are really putting a lot in to using it as part of our deliberations.

First major piece of work on Loomio since the new look. Liking a lot of the new design / features.

I had a comment / request on the timeline feature.

I personally think this could be a very powerful tool, if developed a little more. You have decisions showing up on it, which is great.

But do any other milestones get added there - and have you had any ideas about ways to add them in.

To give you a use case - we are using a thread to develop a proposal. Every now and again, we are making a major update to the context which results from discussion (on and off platform) - I can imagine there being a little tick box or button that also be to make this edit a 'milestone edit' which when people are looking back, and see that the context has developed as a result of the conversation.

Anyway - interested to know your thoughts and whether similar features are planned (or are there and I haven't found them yet).


Sam Toland Thu 23 Apr 2020

Reading the new user manual now (always read the manual first!) - see the cool timeline features - but it appears that my core suggestion (major context edits) isn't an option.


Rob Guthrie Thu 23 Apr 2020

@Sam Toland You're aware you can pin comments to the timeline, and that and comment with headings are automatically added to the timeline?


Rob Guthrie Thu 23 Apr 2020

summary of whats happened so far

Like this


Rob Guthrie Thu 23 Apr 2020

Are you suggesting that major context updates are visible within the thread?, kind of like a comment? .. I'm just wondering what happens when you click the context update milestone link on the timeline, does it take you to the middle of the thread or the top?