Check, challenge business rates valuations - any good referrals or experience?

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Hello, we are looking to challenge ratable value for the premises we are using. We know it's rather too high, and the use changed once we moved in. It also had been done poorly before, but the previous tenant didn't do anything to challenge.

Does anyone here have any experience doing this or working with Check Challenge companies?




Thank you, Nathan, this is helpful for the context. Did you go through this process following gov.uk steps? I am primarily looking for a surveyor or a company that provides this service professionally, and will be able to help us pay correct bills.


Hiya, these are a big co but I think pretty efficient - https://www.altusgroup.com/property/about-us/

They will ask for your current rent and maybe a copy of your lease, and they grind through assessments and appeals, seem reasonably efficient and work on a no win no fee basis. They looked at Calverts and decided our rates were pretty good ;)


Thank you Sion, just saw your comment. They sound allright, like they might know what they're doing... :)