Biotech Without Borders

Welcome to BwoB Loomio group!

I have set this up in order to have discussions, gather opinions and make collective decisions on matters that concern BwoB. I am excited to use this platform to allow various people to come together to work towards common goals as outlined in our Mission Vision Values document

Three of the things that inspired me to create and continue to invest my time into this space are:

  • Loomio's help docs (especially this graph describing an approach to collaboration, and the consent process)

  • This article about a type of workplace that described a culture I think would benefit BwoB if we were able to implement it among ourselves

  • This image listing elements that can be employed to rebuild our imaginative capacity (from this article)

In order to keep a deluge of topics from overrunning the group, only admins are allowed to open a thread. All members can make a poll to probe for interest or begin a conversation and that may be a good place to start before a thread; however, if you want to start a thread, send me an email about it and I will give you admin access.

There is a separate subgroup where members as well as for officers. The theory behind these divisions is that there are different shared resources and responsibilities in these groups and thus they need independent spaces for discussions. If you should have access to these subgroups but currently do not please email or start a private thread.

You can email me at danwchan@biotechwithoutborders.org to be added to the community mailing list or with any other concern regarding this group.

By using our space you agree to our Code of Conduct.