People not enjoying their meeting

Too many emails and tedious meetings?

Make decisions without meetings.

Loomio vous fait gagner du temps, vous aide à obtenir des résultats clairs et garde tout à portée de main.

Créer un groupe

How it works

Loomio vous aide

Conseils et comités

  • N'attendez plus la prochaine réunion pour prendre une décision
  • Approuvez la formulation des décisions et le compte-rendu
  • Gardez vos dossiers et l'historique de vos décisions à portée de main

Cooperative groups

  • Améliorez la transparence
  • Des réunions plus efficientes
  • Des décisions claires

Collectivités et groupes locaux

  • Donnez la parole
  • Améliorez l'accès à vos travaux et la diversité des participants
  • Cultivez l'empathie et la compréhension

A place for your discussions & decisions

A Loomio group is a safe place to have considered discussions and make decisions away from social media.

It's a secure and searchable archive of your discussions, decisions, and files.

Loomio on a laptop and also on a phone

Une suite d'outils d'aide à la décision

Thoughfully designed to be inclusive, clear, and efficient

Atteignez un résultat clair

Les décisionssont un moyen efficace de conclure un débat.

Entendez tout le monde - même les plus discrets, et faites ressortir les enjeux au premier coup d'œil.

Proposals highlight agreement, and can surface misunderstandings or issues that need to be resolved.

People doing thumbs up or down to show their position

Simple scheduling

Time poll finds when everyone can meet. It works across organisations and automatically converts time zones.

Watch video: Introduction to Loomio Time Poll

People finding a time to meet around a calendar

Poll and Prioritise

Discuss strategy and prioritise with Dot voting and Polling

People prioritising options by voting with numbers

Make decisions in Slack!

Loomio bot (our mascot) plugged into the next picture
Loomio being used from within Slack, the team chat app.

Find out more about our Slack integration

« Nos échanges sont plus efficaces et efficients, et tout est consultable dans un espace commun »
Ben Gleisner, Conscious Consumers
« Les participants apprennent à mieux travailler ensemble, et cela se poursuit quand nous nous retrouvons en personne »
Theodore Taptiklis, Human Methods Lab
« Nous avons pu toucher des personnes qui n'auraient pas contribué à la discussion, comme des personnes exclues et des jeunes »
Tom MacDiarmid, Statistics New Zealand

Works on all devices and platforms.

Loomio is a web app with great desktop and mobile support.

No passwords required

No thinking up, remembering, or typing! Just log in with a link sent to your email, or sign in via google or facebook.

Easy to adopt

We know it can be hard to start using a new tool. With Loomio you can participate and stay updated by email.

Reminders keep things moving

Loomio has great notifications and reminders, so decisions are inclusive and effective.

Overcome language barriers

Loomio can translate content from one language to another, enabling people to speak across languages.

Accessible by design

Loomio is accessible to people with visual impairments.


We're approved for use by the NZ government.

Open source

Our code is on github

We respect your privacy

We will never sell you data to third parties, or put advertising into Loomio.

In the media

A different kind of company

Loomio is a social enterprise collectively owned by the people building it.

Loomio exists to make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to participate in decisions that affect their lives.

Our company handbook

À propos de nous

A photo of us, the team who built Loomio, at our last retreat in NZ

A big lightbulb, with a Loomio logo shaped fillament, in the middle of 4 scenes where people are using Loomio in their happy lives.